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Mom’s Poppy Seed Bread

A short story…On this shelf of mine, I have a very special cookbook, given to me by Mom a few years back. I go through it ALL the time and am dreading the day when I have to decide what … Continue reading

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BBQ Beef and Cornbread Casserole

Yes, it sounds really weird, I know. It sounds so weird, I almost didn’t make it. But then I thought to myself, “how hypocritical – I call myself ‘adventurous’ and ‘willing to try new things’ yet I am so quick … Continue reading

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Thai’d Peanut Chicken

…complements of Chase and Morgan! I guess people are learning that if they have a good recipe, I’d like to know. Chase and Morgan, two of my good friends, told me about this dish last week. The first thing that … Continue reading

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Greek Pasta

I love cooking healthy. Well, I also love cooking unhealthy (fried chicken, for example) but it leaves you with that full, bloated, greasy feeling…you know what I mean? Last weekend I was looking for something (a) easy and quick to … Continue reading

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Apple-Raisin French Toast Casserole

Yes, you read it right. It started like this: about 7 am this cold Sunday morning, hunger hit. I did the whole eggs + bacon + fried potatoes route yesterday, and my cholesterol couldn’t take another hit. Today I wanted … Continue reading

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