Oven-Fried Chicken Parmesan

I have felt so guilty about not posting any blog entries in two weeks! What can I say, the holidays are a good excuse 🙂 Well, now I gotta get back to it. I wish I had a more fun and creative recipe to share with you today, but there is a lot to be said for something classic, filling, and delicious – even if it isn’t the most unique recipe in the world!

There are so many variations on “chicken parm” out there. Different spices, crumb coatings, cuts of chicken, marinara sauces. My intention in sharing this recipe with you is to give you something simple, quick, healthy, filling – and with no strings attached. This is chicken parm at its best, without bells and whistles.

We always use whole wheat pasta, and I’m convinced that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back! The texture is totally different – it may be a big strange at first – but the health benefits are huge and you’ll reach a point where plain white pasta noodles just taste…plain! We love whole wheat pasta and I’ll never cook with anything else.

Enjoy! And Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Oven-Fried Chicken Parmesan

1/4 C flour
sprinkle of dried oregano + basil
pinch of salt + pepper
2 large egg whites, beaten
3/4 C bread crumbs
4 boneless chicken breasts
olive oil
1/2 jar marinara sauce
1 C mozzarella cheese
hot, cooked pasta

1. Preheat oven to 450. Using the flat side of a meat mallet, pound chicken breasts to 1/2 inch thickness.

2. Combine flour, seasonings, salt and pepper in a shallow dish. Place egg whites in a bowl. Place bread crumbs in a separate shallow dish. Dredge each chicken breast in flour mixture, then dip in egg whites, letting excess drip off. Then dredge in bread crumbs.

3. In large skillet, heat 1 TBS oil over medium-high heat. Add chicken breasts to pan and cook for 2 minutes on each side, adding another TBS of oil when you flip the chicken breasts. Place chicken in pan and place in the oven. Bake at 450 for 5 minutes. Turn chicken over, top with several TBS of marinara and cheese. Bake another 6 minutes, or until chicken is done.

4. Serve chicken breasts on top of hot, cooked pasta with additional sauce.

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One Response to Oven-Fried Chicken Parmesan

  1. Joan says:

    You've GOT to make Ch. Parmesan for your sister Kellie sometime. It's one of her most favorite meals ever!! It's what she always requested I make when I asked you kids what you wanted for dinner.

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