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Pan-Grilled Pork Chops with Pineapple Salsa

There’s something that you need to know. Something vitally important. Grilled pineapple is indescribable. Grilled pineapple is so juicy, that I don’t even know how the juices get IN there! There isn’t that much ROOM in a slice of grilled … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Fries

Did you know….that sweet potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber, iron, and a slew of other vitamins and minerals? Did you know…that there are over 400 varieties of sweet potato, ranging from white to dark … Continue reading

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Creamy Spinach Artichoke Dip

There are yummy appetizers. There are crunchy appetizers. There are sweet appetizers. There are mmmmmmm good appetizers. And then there’s this appetizer. A so-good-I-just-ignored-half-the-KU-game-because-I-can’t-stop-stuffing-my-face-appetizer. A dinner-is-ruined-appetizer. A you-said-what?-I-wasn’t-listening-to-you-appetizer. Make this dip, eat this dip, and repeat this dip. Enjoy every … Continue reading

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Orange Asian Chicken

Is there anything more consistently delicious than chinese takeout? Nope. It’s greasy. It’s saucy. It’s sweet and salty. It’s everything that is so, so good – and so, so bad for you. I’ve definitely never worked in a chinese food … Continue reading

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Spinach Salad with Salmon & Asian Vinaigrette

Well, I didn’t lie…..I told you that I was on a salad kick! The grilled chicken salad with cilantro vinaigrette was just so good, I had to make another salad. Another salad with homemade dressing, interesting ingredients (mango? why not!) … Continue reading

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Gnocchi Nicoise

Let’s go back to something called “Gnocchi.” I’ve only made gnocchi once in my life – it was last year, and I decided to sort of throw my own recipe together with a cream-based sauce, ham, asparagus, and a package … Continue reading

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PW’s Meatballs

Last month, I went to a wine tasting with two good friends, Heather and Kristin. While there, they started talking about someone called “Pioneer Woman.” At first, I didn’t even tune into this conversation, as anything about “pioneers” is pretty … Continue reading

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