Spinach Salad with Salmon & Asian Vinaigrette

Well, I didn’t lie…..I told you that I was on a salad kick!

The grilled chicken salad with cilantro vinaigrette was just so good, I had to make another salad. Another salad with homemade dressing, interesting ingredients (mango? why not!) and a warm piece of lean, healthy protein.

How did I come up with this one? Well, I went in search of dressings, and found a super easy Asian vinaigrette. This is certainly nothing exotic…this is just rice vinegar, a bit of oil, a drizzle of soy…(ok, and maybe a couple other things.) Also, I simply had to use avocado again – it is just THAT good. I also had some spinach leaves left, so that was the base. For extra crunch, I added broccoli slaw and for a hit of sweet flavor, I used mango slices. I thought this salad would go wonderfully with broiled salmon, so that’s what ended up on top.

This is definitely a “will-make-again!”

Spinach Salad with Salmon & Asian Vinaigrette

For the salad:
fresh spinach leaves, rinsed and patted dry
broccoli slaw
avocado, sliced
mango, sliced
slivered almonds
fresh salmon filets (if frozen, thawed)
salt, pepper

For the dressing:
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 TBS fresh ginger, minced
1/4 – 3/4 C olive oil
1/3 C rice vinegar
1/4 C – 1/2 C soy sauce
3 TBS honey
1/4 C water

1. Before you begin – please understand that the measurements for the dressing are a starting point. Start with less, and add as you like. I like sweet, acidic dressings – this meant more honey, more vinegar, and less soy. Do what you like! But anyway, in a food processor or a jar with lid, make your dressing: just throw it all together and blend/shake well. Set aside.

2. Sprinkle salmon filets with salt and pepper. Place under broiler in oven for several minutes, until flakes easily with fork.

3. Assemble your salad: spinach leaves, slaw, avocado, mango, almonds, salmon…then drizzle the dressing over the salad.

PS – sorry for this totally weird-looking picture. The original photo didn’t come out well, so I went a little overboard with the photo editing on iphoto…(this is why I work in finance.)

Its salmon on a salad…you get it, right? 🙂

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