Jello Shots!

Woops! Banana crumb muffins were supposed to be next. I know, I know! They will be up tomorrow. Right now – as in, right now – I feel the need to share with you these jello shots, which my husband made to surprise our friends coming over tonight for a pool party.

They jiggle, they wiggle, and they’re fun! Fun to drink (er, eat?) and fun to make. No need to cook or even bake.

(That rhyme was on purpose. I just had a jello shot of each flavor, so go easy on me!)

Mom is making these for Lito’s retirement party in October. I’m telling you, she’ll be the neighborhood partystar. Flavored liquors work great, and its fun to mix and match with various jello flavors.

Happy Saturday! See you tomorrow with banana bread!

Jello Shots

1 C boiling water
1 C alcohol*
1 small packet of your favorite jello flavor**
12 dixie cups
PAM spray

1. Boil the water. Take water off heat. Pour jello packet in and stir until dissolved. When dissolved, add liquor. Stir well.

2. Spray 12 dixie cups with PAM. Carefully pour warm jello mixture into cups. Refrigerate jello shots for at least 2 hours.

3. To eat, jello shots should slide easily out of cup. If not, shake around a bit until jello shot loosens.

*we generally use flavored vodka. Today, we used watermelon vodka.

**Citrus flavors such as lime seem to taste really good – especially lime (my #1) and lemon. Berry blue is good, too. Cherry is not one of our favorites.

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