Mexican Sausage Wontons

Brett and I had a leisurely lake getaway last weekend and, as always happens at the lake, we indulged in too much food and drink. On Saturday evening, after a full day of girls shopping and guys golfing, we got together with Brett’s parents and six of their close friends for a big meal of King crab legs. I was assigned an appetizer (my favorite assignment for any get-to-gether) and I chose to make these wontons that I had tried several nights earlier at a coworker’s house. I had a feeling the wontons would turn out great, but I had no idea that they would be such a HUGE hit with all 10 of us!!! This recipe is tried and true. Everyone raved about them (the raving, however, ended abruptly when the crab legs hit the table…)

While the sausage/pepper/cheese combo is awesome in these wontons, I’ve brainstormed so many other fun fillings: spinach artichoke? shredded BBQ beef? jalepenos and cheese? cinnamon sugar and cream cheese?

I thought I’d leave you with a couple quick pictures from the weekend. Here we have the view from my in-laws’ brand spankin’ new lake home. Um, gorgeous? YES.

And here we have the feast. Jim, one of the guys in attendance, does an annual crab leg boil and says that he has NEVER seen such enormous crab legs. The scary part was imagining the wingspan (leg span?) of these enormous crabs when they are alive.

(And, for the record, I’ve never laughed so hard as I did after 2 sangrias when my mother in law accidentally lost her grip on the crab-shell-breaker-thing and it flew across the kitchen making a ridiculously loud clatter.)

Gotta love the lake!!!

Mexican Sausage Wontons

48 small wonton wrappers
1 lb spicy pork sausage
1/2 red bell pepper, minced
1/2 green bell pepper, minced
1 small can black olives, minced
1 C ranch salad dressing
3 C shredded mexican cheese blend

1. Cook sausage until no longer pink; drain.

2. Preheat oven to 350. Place wonton wrappers into muffin cups (may need to make this in 2-4 batches, depending on how many muffin pans you own.)

3. Bake wontons for 5 minutes. In medium bowl, mix sausage, peppers, olives, dressing and cheese.

4.  Fill wontons with sausage mixture. Bake another 6-8 minutes until cheese is bubbly, watching wonton corners to ensure they don’t burn.

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