‘Tis the Season…

A couple quick notes.

First, Happy Holidays!! I wish I could share with you a slew of holiday recipes and tips, but I really don’t do a whole lot of holiday cooking because we always travel back to Kansas City to share holidays with the family. Along the same line, I apologize in advance if my posts over the next month are a bit short and/or less frequent. We not only move into our new house on December 10, but we’ll be out of town two weekends in December. I’m going to do my best to try and post twice a week, but it may be more like once per week until things settle down.

Second, I’ve recently added another area to my blog titled “home and happiness : ” The reason I added this page is because, with the new home just a few days away, I’m finding myself with quite a few fun things to share that aren’t related to cooking. This section of blog is set up differently; the posts won’t be tagged or categorized, and it will simply be a running list of updates. My hope is that as I get more involved in decorating, gardening, etc., I can make quick updates on the page.

As always, thanks to those of you who continue to follow my blog. I appreciate your continued messages and comments. WordPress shows that I have just under 2,000 views and this is astounding to me! I hope you continue to enjoy reading as much as I continue to enjoy posting.

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