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Four-Cheese Ravioli with Sundried Tomatoes and Mushrooms

For the last two years, Brett and I have stayed very low-key on Valentine’s Day. By “low-key,” I mean a bottle of wine, a night of cooking, sweatpants, and a good movie. To be completely honest, the last two Valentine’s … Continue reading

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PW’s Olive Cheese Bread

I’m sort of indifferent to olives. When I was a kid, I would totally put olives on all ten of my fingers and pluck them off. I think that was the only reason that I liked olives – they were … Continue reading

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White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Here we go. This post is a big one for me. I want to promise you something. It’s something that I probably shouldn’t be promising you, but I’m doing it anyway. Here’s my promise: if you follow my directions below, … Continue reading

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Zesty Tortilla Roll-Ups

I can’t remember the first time that I made these tortilla roll-ups. I do remember spending a long time perusing various tortilla roll-up recipes and feeling…dissatisfied. I finally decided to make my own recipe, using ideas and flavors from other … Continue reading

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Glazed Pork Chops

I’m staring at a half-packed suitcase and a cat who just knows that something’s up. Yes, something is up: we’re headed to Merida, Mexico in no less than 10 hours. My dad, who moved to Merida about 6 months ago … Continue reading

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