Zesty Tortilla Roll-Ups

I can’t remember the first time that I made these tortilla roll-ups. I do remember spending a long time perusing various tortilla roll-up recipes and feeling…dissatisfied. I finally decided to make my own recipe, using ideas and flavors from other recipes.

I’ve heard nothing but good things from people who’ve tried these. The thinly-sliced ham offers a subtle smoky hint, while the cream cheese, salsa and ranch combination pack in a ton of zesty flavor. These treats are so addictive!

A few noteworthy items:

-if you’d like, you could leave these un-cut and pack a few roll-ups for a filling lunch

-the cream cheese mixture on its own would make an awesome dip with tortilla chips. I would add some milk or sour cream to soften it up a bit

-you don’t want to leave these unwrapped for too long. They last for days in the fridge (covered) but if you’re serving these for guests, its best to only set out a portion at a time, otherwise they take on a less-than-appetizing look


Zesty Tortilla Roll-Ups – my own creation!

three 8-oz pkgs cream cheese
one 1-oz pkg dry ranch dressing mix
ten 10-inch flour tortillas
1/2 C salsa
4 oz can green chiles
1 TBS milk
1.5 C shredded cheese
1.5 lb sliced ham

1. Mix cream cheese, ranch mix, salsa, green chiles, and milk.
2. Zap each tortilla for ten seconds in the microwave.
3. Spread cream cheese mixture over tortilla leaving 1/2 border. Layer with ham and cheese.
4. Roll up tortilla as tightly as possible. Wrap in plastic wrap.
5. Refrigerate for several hours. Cut into 1-inch slices. Discard end pieces of tortillas.

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