Salmon with Sage Butter

I have an awesome co-worker named Charles who sits directly across from me. Like a co-worker match made in heaven, Charles and I both love to cook. Every single day, several times a day, we talk about what we made for dinner the previous night. Or what we’re making for dinner that night. Or our favorite fresh herbs. Our five indispensable kitchen utensils. The fact that squash can easily become soggy when baking, and creative ways to prevent this.

Recently, Charles came into work and barely set his keys down before telling me about his awesome experience making sage butter the night before. He gave me a few helpful tips, like watching the butter closely to ensure it doesn’t burn, and only using a few sage leaves since its such a potent herb. The next week, I was brainstorming dinner ideas and decided on a perfect meal idea: a salmon filet next to a big ol’ baked potato, lathered in flavorful sage butter.

I think that sage butter is my new favorite thing. It’s hard to describe the flavor – the browned butter is nutty, and reminiscent of caramel (without the sweetness.) The sage adds a very clean, almost citrus-y, flavor. I do recommend that when browning the butter, you watch it like a hawk. I was expecting it to change from a soft yellow to tan at any time, and sure enough – it did. Literally, if you look away for five seconds, you may burn it. I swirled the pan continually over the heat and the moment it turned the color of caramel, I removed the pan from the burner, dropped the sage leaves in, and let magic happen.

This one will not disappoint!

Salmon with Sage Butter

4 salmon filets
4 TBS butter (try 6 TBS if drizzling over potatoes, like we did)
salt, pepper
6 fresh sage leaves (8 if using more butter)

Sprinkle salmon with salt and pepper. Bake at 350 until salmon flakes easily with fork (20ish minutes.)

Heat butter over medium heat. Watch closely, swirling pan continually. When butter turns caramel-colored (the color will change in a matter of seconds,) remove pan from heat and drop in fresh sage leaves. Let the sage leaves “fry” for several minutes. The sage butter is fine sitting on its own until your salmon is ready. Drizzle sage butter over salmon.

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One Response to Salmon with Sage Butter

  1. Luke W says:

    I tries this tonight for dinner. Very tasty! Thanks for sharing and winning me points with my wife. 🙂

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