Garden Veggie Pizza Appetizers

Don’t let the word “pizza” fool you! This is a crunchy, creamy appetizer served cold. I first had Garden Veggie Pizza Appetizers about a year ago while attending a party with coworkers. I was impressed with the display, flavor and texture, and made a point to ask the hostess for the recipe.

These appetizers are easy to prep: Three days in advance, I finely chopped the veggies of my choice (this was a lake appetizer and I wanted prep work out of my way!) I kept the veggies sealed in the fridge. The pizza dough baked in a matter of minutes while I made the cream cheese mixture. Shortly after, I was on the dock with a big ol’ plate!

These would also be awesome with a thin layer of ham or turkey below the veggies – and you could even throw in some minced jalepeno for an extra kick. Have fun with it!

Garden Veggie Pizza Appetizers

2 bell peppers, very finely chopped
1 head of broccoli, very finely chopped
a couple carrots, very finely chopped
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1/2 oz. dry ranch dressing mix (this is HALF a packet – don’t use the whole packet!)
1 tube refrigerated pizza dough

Bake pizza dough as directed. Remove from oven and let cool. Mix cream cheese with ranch mix. Spread over pizza dough. Spread veggies over cream cheese and press lightly into the cream cheese. Cut into squares and serve.

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