Checking In!

Phew. Its been a whirlwind! As many people have reminded me, I haven’t made a blog post in two months. These subtle reminders have gradually turned into full-fledged demands to know (a) whether I’m alive and well? and (b) whether I’m still cooking?

These three go hand-in-hand and thankfully, the answer to all is YES!

I am alive and 100% well, and I am still cooking. I am, however, also busier with work than I have EVER been. About the time I made my last blog post, I moved from being an analyst myself to supervising three of them, and its a whole different ball game. Priorities have shifted a bit, but nothing has stopped me from being in the kitchen most nights each week. After the dishes are done, I sometimes sit down and forget what state I live in….blogging hasn’t even been on my mind!

One benefit to having an established blog (this is my 173rd post) is that it is very much self-sustaining even when I do take a break. I’ve been averaging 20-30 hits a day, mostly driven by Google searches and the occasional Facebook link. In the past, my blog hits always spike when I make a new post, but it is definitely interesting to see that the activity doesn’t completely disappear when I do.

In this interim, I’ve tried so many new things! Sadly, I knew I wouldn’t post these on my blog so I didn’t take any pretty pictures. I’ve made a Red Curry Shrimp and Squash dish, Pita Pizzas with Prosciutto, Artichoke Hearts and Sundried Tomato Pesto, and most recently, Cream Cheese Pumpkin Rolls. I whipped up Caramel Apple Martinis on Halloween night, and William Sonoma’s Cheddar Ale Soup recipe made a debut in my life, as well. Of course, our old favorites occasionally make it on the list and these have included Tomato Beef Stew, Jalepeno Popper Chicken, and Gary’s Sloppy Joes.

No matter what’s going on in my life, cooking is my cornerstone: it’s relaxing, rewarding, and stress-relieving. Posting on this blog does sometimes take the back-burner, but I have a renewed desire to keep it going.

Thank you to the many people who’ve asked where in the WORLD my blog ran off to! Check back tomorrow for a brand new recipe!

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