Pita Pizza with Pesto and Prosciutto

One of my go-to meals recently has been flatbread pita pizza. These aren’t traditional pizzas with marinara and cheese, but rather creative little recipes packed with bold and unique flavors.

I’ve found that you can really spin these in any possible way depending on your favorite toppings, what’s on sale, or what your family has been craving. Some possible ideas are listed below!

Sauce Ideas
Sundried tomato pesto
Traditional basil pesto
Olive tapenade
Olive oil + Balsamic vinegar (or infused olive oils)
Garlic butter
Hummus or baba ganoush

Meat Ideas
Flaked white crabmeat, drained
Finely chopped cooked shrimp
Finely chopped seasoned chicken
Salami or pepperoni

Topping Ideas…which are endless
Mushrooms (white button or baby bella or wild)
Roasted peppers (from the jar or homemade)
Any variety of olive, chopped (we love kalamata)
Sundried tomatoes (packed in oil or dry)
Capers, artichoke hearts or bottoms
Fresh herbs: rosemary, basil, thyme
Eggplant or squash, finely chopped
Fresh baby spinach leaves, fresh chopped tomato
Roasted garlic

Cheese Ideas
Mozzarella, havarti, asiago, parmesan, goat cheese

Despite this endless list of toppings, I would recommend choosing one sauce, one meat, one cheese, and only two or three vegetable toppings. You want each flavor to stand out, and you also need to keep these baby pizzas in line. They’re feisty, and they will try to take over the bottom of your oven! Too many toppings makes them overflow, and they will be too difficult to eat.

When I made these last week, I also mixed a little olive oil, balsamic and dried basil for dipping our crust. And finally, for what it’s worth, I can easily be full after one of these with a small salad, but I think the average man will need two of his own 🙂

Pita Pizza with Pesto and Prosciutto – no recipe source, just your imagination!

Pita bread
Traditional basil pesto
Roasted peppers (from the jar), drained
Prosciutto (check the specialty meat and cheese aisle)
Sliced white button mushrooms
Block of asiago, grated

Heat oven to 350. Place pitas (with NO toppings) straight onto oven rack (I don’t recommend placing on a pan.) Bake 5-8 minutes. Layer remaining ingredients in order above on top of the pita. You want to place the ingredients on the top of the pita, which would have been face-up in your oven. In other words, don’t flip your pita at any point. Bake until cheese is melted, around 6-12 minutes.

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