I’m here! I’m here!

Here’s the deal. Our SD card (you know, the little memory card containing my pretty food pictures…) broke recently. I’m not a tech-y, and the tech-y husband is so preoccupied with the yard and basement, that fixing the little SD card is low on his list. So while I do have 2-3 pending recipes to post, the pics are probably lost. Of course I could just try a new recipe, but due to multiple trips to Houston in the last 6 weeks, I can barely remember the last time I cooked a real meal. 

But, I haven’t forgotten about you guys, and I have a picture of the Cajun meatloaf (next recipe) on my iphone. Its not the best picture, but I’ll try my hardest to get that recipe posted this weekend.

Thanks for being patient with me!

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One Response to Update

  1. kind of patience?
    Just kidding – sorry about the loss!

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